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INSPIRING new song: Sunlight!

OUR MISSION... American Music Abroad Virtual Kyrgyzstan: Students who are learning English in Kyrgyzstan and U.S. recording artists, Tony Memmel & His Band work together across the world on a large-scale songwriting project and "Capability within Disability" program.

We've never met outside of Zoom, but through amazing, modern technology, we've assembled dozens of recordings and videos from microphones and mobile phones to produce the project. This is what we created.

So much love to these amazing students who sparkle just like SUNLIGHT!

❤️ Tony Memmel




There are hard days in this life

Good friends can help you through

When you sing right through the storm,

makes any sky look blue

Life is like a piece of cake

When you shine like a street light and give more than you take


So don’t be shy, enjoy your life

Each day’s a dance and a brand new chance - to show

Even on your darkest night,

You can sparkle just like sunlight


When you dance, and smile, and jump

You’re speaking without sound

You’ve got your own gravity - Draws friends from all around

Twinkle, Twinkle you’re a star

Brightly guiding others who felt lost know who they are


Turn up that beat, y’all hear this flow

Don’t let that sparkle fade, no no

Turn up that beat, y’all hear this flow

Don’t let that sparkle fade, no no

Y’all know me, I’m Tony with the Kyrgyz kydz

Teaching english but it’s more than this,

And I’d be remiss If I didn’t say that this rhyme’s about how to lead and live

To rise and shine with courage like…


Written, recorded, and performed by: AMA Kyrgyzstan & Tony Memmel & His Band

Video directed by: Tony Memmel

Edited and Assembled by: Joey Wengerd

© 2022 All rights reserved.



Joey Wengerd

Tony Memmel


Lesleigh Memmel

Alex Nixon


English Students in Bishkek, Kant, and Osh


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