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I Know We’ll Get There

“I Know We’ll Get There” is a song that is near and dear to our hearts. We dedicate it to anyone who is working on a dream.

Four years ago this week, Lesleigh and I were in NYC, competing in the VH1 & Republic Records’ “Make a Band Famous” competition. It was a 24-hour battle of the bands, live-streamed all over the world.

In the overnight round of the contest, we were given just a few hours to write a brand new song from scratch. Sleep-deprived but fueled by the support of our incredible friends and fans, we wrote our song, “I Know We’ll Get There.”

Every time we sing this song, we’re grateful for #MemmelNation and the hundreds of thousands of votes that got us to 4th place (out of 2,500+ bands!).

Please take a listen and reminisce with us here!


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