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Song for Ukraine

Album art by Lesleigh Memmel


“Walk That Walk (Song for Ukraine 2022)” — is inspired by the events and stories of February and March 2022 in Ukraine. As we watch the war and the horror of what is happening on the ground there, WE, 13 artists from around the world, have come together to make this anthem about freedom and courage.

We are inspired by the resistance and heart that has been on display for all the world to see from our free Ukrainian brothers and sisters. The Ukrainian people (and those on the ground in Russia protesting the war) are showing what it means to fight for liberty, and to stand against evil action.

Lift it. Sing it. Live it… Walk That Walk. Love, Tony Memmel, Crucificxo, and The WorldWide Choir

“Walk That Walk (Song for Ukraine 2022)” Written, recorded, and performed by: Tony Memmel, Crucificxo, and The WorldWide Choir Video directed by: Tony Memmel © 2022 All rights reserved.


PRODUCED BY: Tony Memmel Crucificxo

The WorldWide Choir is: Andrea Rosales Steven Stark Music Crucificxo Manzi Cross Benjamin Spartos Ceasar Ebenezer Sani Ssemanda Nathan Philippa Bulus Katie Kolberg Memmel Todd Memmel Lesleigh Memmel Tony Memmel


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