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Featured Song – “Burnt Bridges”

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post individual tracks from my new EP ” yours and mine” here at I hope that you’ll enjoy a closer look at the music and lyrics. Feel free to share these songs with your friends!

Burnt Bridges

These lies were built on sand When we made our last stand You flicked me like a cigarette blind-sided by the light ash in my eyes It pays to have foresight I’m on my guard all the time…

Refrain: Then you open your mouth a spitting image of you Burnt bridges. I love you. But I’m tired. Burnt Bridges

Your adolescent groans In a glass house throwin’ stones and you’ve shattered every window I’ve never been a fan It’s tattooed in my hand Driftin’ no sign of land It’s hard to be the bigger man… 


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