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Big news from our family

Photo by Alison Weakley

Hard work is a pillar of the message that I bring when I have opportunities to speak and share music around the world. My wife, Lesleigh, is one of the hardest working people I know.

She began working as a nurse the year we got married. For 10 years, she’s worked in two hospitals, and has been a respected Neuro Critical Care nurse.

Many of you here on this page know her best through her work with me… she’s a singer, pianist, percussionist, producer, teacher, photographer, graphic designer, and her list of talents and gifts goes on…

Last November, our son Theo was born, and she has flourished in her role of being the best mom she can be to him. For the past four months, Lesleigh has been a full time working, touring Mom. She’s said, “I feel that God has put a new calling on my heart.”

It’s always been our goal to do this work that we do… together. Theo has been well-suited for this life, and he’s plugged right into our little family band.

After much prayer, thought, conversation, budgeting and budgeting again, we have made a large decision… Lesleigh will be leaving her nursing job after her final shift this Saturday to pursue her new calling as Theo’s mom, and to work full time, side-by-side with me.

We thank you for your love and support during this journey: from starting as a touring duo, to growing into a trio. You fuel us forward, and we can’t wait to grow and go where we are called to be… as a family.

Love, Tony, Lesleigh, and Theo


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