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Arrival in Montevideo


Palm trees in Montevideo

I’m drafting a large blog entry about our last few days in Brazil. There has just been too much to document it all rapidly. To breeze over it with a quick post wouldn’t do the days or the people justice. Though the chronology of the journal will be somewhat skewed, I’ll post it soon.

We arrived safely in Montevideo, Uruguay shortly after midnight, last night. We were all tired from a full travel day, but relieved that all of our luggage arrived, and that we had a safe journey.

Our driver met us at the airport, and as we waited for him to bring the car around to the baggage claim area, the automatic entrance doors would open and close, and we could feel the cool, autumn air. We started the day in a humid tropical rainforest and now we are in the south of South America.

Our hotel has a beautiful view of the Rio de la Plata which is an estuary that connects to the Atlantic (not far from here). We are in an interesting, exciting part of town that I’m anxious to explore. Restaurants, and shops, and soccer fields along the water. Our time in Uruguay is brief (It’s our shortest tour stop, as we leave on Sunday), so we’ll have to hit the ground running and make the absolute most of it.

We’re meeting with the U.S. Embassy staff in an hour and are looking forward to our briefing at the Embassy itself. I’ll write more soon. Thanks for reading!


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