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“American Songwriter” Feature

photo by Alison Weakley

Exciting news! I’m honored to be featured by American Songwriter this week:

Paul Cardall sits down with Wisconsin-native Tony Memmel, who while only born with one hand, overcame obstacles to become a talented guitarist who shares his faith through music. A fellow Nashville musician, Tony shares how faith inspires him, how he mastered guitar with one hand, and how his music has taken him around the world. 

Together, Tony and Paul explore how adversity and obstacles can be tools to share your story and inspire others. They spread the message that each of us has a purpose and each of us is perfectly and wonderfully made. 

Cardall is an award-winning pianist, entrepreneur, and heart transplant recipient born with only half a heart. He delivers encouraging, educational, and often inspirational conversations with unique people who believe in making the impossible, possible. These visionaries are ALL HEART.”American Songwriter


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