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American Music Abroad Tour Day 1… “Leaving Home. Sort of.”


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with… a delayed flight, then a cancelled flight, a night in Nashville, and then a single step.” Tony Memmel

I applied for the opportunity to represent the United States of America through a cultural exchange program called American Music Abroad, nearly a year and a half ago. After many months of planning, the tour kicked off yesterday.

We were scheduled to fly to Reagan airport in Washington, D.C., but due to weather delays, our plane’s captain was stuck in New York City, and never made it to Nashville.

We stayed at a local hotel, and ended up getting a brand new itinerary for today. I’m saddened that we’ll miss our tour briefing in Washington, D.C., at the State Department, but we are glad our guitarist, Ben (who had a different itinerary), made it to D.C. And met up with our travel team. We will meet them all tonight in Miami, FL, fly through the night and land in Brazil by morning!


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