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Schedule Corrections

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This week has been a little bit up in the air. I’ve had to be flexible due to my tour re-route that started on Tuesday. I just wanted to clarify a couple of schedule corrections I’ve had to make.

3/23 Commodore Grille – CANCELED (for me) – I was hoping to get on the schedule as I’d been able to do in the past, but it’s going to be an especially packed songwriters showcase. that being said:

3/24 Commodore Grille Songwriters Showcase I am guaranteed going to be playing at this one barring illness or injury! This is always a cool show. It’s a great opportunity to hear many songwriters in a single evening. Sets tend to be a little short, but I’ll have some time to hang out and chat, if you can make it!

The Rest of the tour is on as scheduled! Thank you for being flexible with me this week!

Thanks for reading, Tony


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